Created by a brain trust of highly skilled and highly experienced mining industry veterans, TrueGold has been successful in attracting top-tier management, technical, and operations teams that have discovered, built, and operated mines all around the globe. In some of the world’s most demanding and inhospitable mining environments.

Our mandate is clear and unambiguous. Bring gold to life. Profitably. And deliver exceptional value, growth, and profits to our stakeholders and our investors.

Our business strategy is focused and disciplined. Hold out for truly remarkable opportunities. With low cost of entry. Low capital expenditures. Simple technical operations. Solid economic viability. And which we can execute flawlessly, across every stage of development. Opportunities which our team’s deep experience can identify, transform, and grow into profitable mine production.

As a near-term gold producer, we are executing our business model with tenacity and discipline. The Karma project was selected as our starter platform because it has very solid economics that transcend time and fluctuations in market cycles. Our strong growth pipeline includes a portfolio of high-potential gold projects across 1,000 square kilometers which, although still largely unexplored, includes one of the country’s largest gold-in-soil anomalies discovered at our Liguidi property.

Our top-tier Owners Team provides a full spectrum of talent and expertise in strategy, finance, exploration, operations, and mine production – infusing TrueGold with the depth and scope of a major, while retaining the energy, agility, and entrepreneurial spirit of a junior.

At this stage of our careers, we’re involved because TrueGold is a true opportunity. To build a highly profitable gold mining company. To leverage our deep experience in a creative and innovative way. To help shape and build the next iconic Canadian gold company. TrueGold is a true breath of fresh air. Not surprisingly, we find ourselves passionate, energized, and highly motivated. Like never before.

TrueGold. Where gold comes to life.

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