Recent major gold discoveries have sparked a new era of mineral exploration 

a new Klondike Gold Rush.

Klondike Gold Corp. controls key hard rock claims that made the Klondike famous. The gold field is reported to have produced over 20 million ounces of alluvial gold.

Our quest is to find the hard rock source for one of the largest unexplained gold anomalies in the world.

The Lone Star Project is the focus of the company and a new campaign is underway to assess the significant volumes of exploration data available. Recent new gold discoveries in the Yukon have identified specific exploration techniques that can be applied and offer new information about the formation and structure of gold deposits in the region. These discoveries have sparked a great Canadian staking rush and attracted world attention to the area. The most important source of placer gold is Eldorado and Bonanza Creeks and Klondike Gold owns and controls the claims covering these areas.

Exploration in 2012 on the Lone Star will focus on low-grade near surface bulk tonnage targets and also high-grade vein mineralization both of which the company believes are reasonable targets on the property. The Company’s data review has concluded that there has never been systematic exploration of the entire property for these types of targets and to this end intended activities on the Lone Star will include:

  • systematic property wide soil geochemistry program with an infill contingency of additional samples for high priority areas
  • property wide geological mapping and rock sampling
  • trenching and pitting with channel samples where appropriate

Geotechnical drilling and follow up exploration drilling will be a part of the 2012 Lone Star exploration program later in the summer.

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