Encanto was created to work with First Nations Peoples in Saskatchewan to assist them in developing potash resources on their lands. Encanto is focused on exploring for potash in five southeastern Saskatchewan prospects, working with the Chacachas, Day Star, Muskowekwan, Muscowpetung and Ochapowace First Nations. Encanto Potash, along with its partners the Muskowekwan First Nations, is rapidly moving towards an initial resource calculation on its Muskowekwan project in Saskatchewan, Canada. Initial assays returned values greater than 25 percent K2O or 40 percent KCl over mineable widths in two separate potash beds. The company plans to drill four to six infill holes at Muskowekwan for its initial resources calculation due in Q3, Q4 2010. Seismic results from an extensive 3D program at Muskowekwan are due in May, June 2010. Encanto is developing these properties with the full community support of First Nations. Both groups are excited about this new relationship and its economic potential. Encanto Potash has 100 percent potash mineral title to all of the properties and the First Nations have a 3 percent GORR (Gross Over Riding Royalty) upon production. So all stakeholders interests are aligned. Potash is a highly profitable commodity, and both investors and First Nations are poised to benefit greatly from an economic discovery.

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