Gianni Kovacevic, Author: My Electrician Drives a Porsche?


We provide a conduit of introduction and interaction between corporations, customers and their collective stake holders. We learn from the past for guidance to the future all the while appreciating that age old rules can and will change.  Imagine our world just over 100 years ago with no cars, planes or household electricity.  In just one generation after their commonality the progress, technology and invention of the earlier part of the twentieth century would not have been possible without a seemingly endless supply of natural resources.  As governments continue to provide services for billions of new people to participate in basic progress, do most people really know where the future supplies of our natural resources will come from?  We do, for that is the information we provide, specializing in the balance of reliable access and relationships with a sound knowledge base to filter risk and source valid opportunities.

The principal of Kovacevic Consult, J. Gianni Kovacevic, has spent the past decade honing a passion for investing in natural resources by communicating and documenting his interests into a unique business model that caters to both businesses and investors.  Through countless hours of research and reading, fortified by strong relationships and superior access, he has continuously delivered solid advice and recognizable results to his many valuable relationships.  Sharing his time between Vancouver and Zurich, he is fluent in English, German, Italian, Croatian, reasonable in Spanish and actively learning Russian.  Over the past decade he has provided valuable assistance in negotiated financings well in excess of $250 million from a large pool of global investors.

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