G-Zero Championship Racing



We believe that motorsports can be used as an agent for change. Modern cars are the result of years of on-track experimentation with components and technology – and we like the idea of facilitating positive automotive change.’

We start in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, because that is where we are, and we know that this city has a great passion for sports, the environment and for getting out and doing things.  We will take our show on the road once we have things set-up here. We will be hosting our events in different communities so that the races come to the fans instead of the fans having to commute to outlying venues. All our events are free to the public because we want everyone to come out, see the future of automotive technology and support those who are working to make changes.

The G-Zero Championships will be the “greenest” motor sports series in North America, as well as promoting the environment initiatives of our corporate partners and host communities.

Events & Conferences