MagPower Systems Inc.


MagPower Systems

Bringing the Magnesium Air Fuel Cell to the World!

Powerful, safe fuel cell technology with environmental benefits and unique social and energetic strengths generating innovation through research and manufacturing partnerships.

MagPower Systems Inc. is the world leading Magnesium Air Fuel Cell (MAFC) technology company.  MAFC is a powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly non-toxic alternative power source that generates electricity by combining magnesium, saltwater and air.  The company is focusing on the efficient development and commercialization of the technology through research and business partnerships.

The Company will promote effective technical cooperation, knowledge-base networking and risk and revenue sharing.

MagPower’s tech-development strategy incorporates relationships with Research Institutes, Government organizations and global NGO’s.  Each is a key constituent in the Company’s strategy.  Shifting priorities in legislative initiatives are pushing alternative energy producers to the forefront.

MagPower is not, by design, a manufacturer.  The Company’s strength lies in the research and development capability that has spawned the core technology.  To that end it will seek external manufacturing partners who will use the technology as a primary or secondary power source.

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