Memex was founded in 1992 with a vision to improve the way automated machine tools work and connect on the factory floor.  Over the years, the vision has since expanded to include the networking of all machine tools so that they can communicate with each other, and with the computers in the administration office. In fact, the network may be extended to the Internet, which then allows for productivity and other statistics to be emailed to a PDA or laptop anywhere in the world.

At Memex, we can transform every machine tool into a node on the corporate network in a real-time manner. That means that mills and lathes can be monitored as they work, which will help with maintenance and inventory control. By monitoring production as it happens, companies can increase their productivity by reducing downtime between jobs.

In 2005, Memex relocated to Burlington Ontario, where we maintain an active R & D department. From that location, we are able to manufacture our products, provide technical support, develop software and provide training.

Memex evolved into Memex Automation in 2006 to develop the Dynamic Computer Aided Machining patent that will someday render traditional serial DNC and memory upgrades obsolete.  From then on, Memex has been continuously improving our products to better suit the needs of the manufacturing world.

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