Solaris is a BC Company that is launching a highly acclaimed solar heating technology to change the way buildings are heated by making solar cost less than fossil fuels. Green Building in North America is a high growth $50 Billion market1 in 2014, driven by the serious Global Climate Change problems it will double to $100 Billion in the next 2 years.

For Designers, our disruptive technology is called SunPump, which is short for Solar Source Heat Pump that is a patented 3-part multi-source combination or Air Source, Ground Source, and Solar Source Heat pumps. This hybrid innovation allows SunPump to move energy from the most optimal heat source; air, ground, or solar; so it can operate all day, every day, in the winter, even in the dark. As the first solar heating system to operate 24/7, with CSA/UL certification and integrated backup heater, SunPump will experience exponential growth as it fills the void and demand for a primary, stand-alone heating system based solely on cost. The fact that SunPump is renewable energy is secondary, it will compete on par or less than the cost of incumbent fossil fuels and electric heating, and less than half the cost of comparable renewable Geothermal or Solar PV.

For Builders, Solaris leverages the convergence of our high performance SunPump product, and the top Business Model using the No Money down Lease, proven by Sun Edison. Solaris is introducing the first Solar Heating Lease that removes the barrier of high upfront cost. Leasing gives Builders and renovators a Zero-upfront SunPump, eliminating heating equipment costs that can be reallocated to envelope improvements. A Leased SunPump results in a building that achieves higher EnerGuide ratings, increased business margins and building value, and faster selling time. Contact Bruce Gray to discuss your project.

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