A METHOD OF STANDARDIZING AND MONETIZING JADE (Industrial Design and Utility Provisional Patents)
The present technology relates to a method of standardizing jade such that it is easily validated, appraised and tracked. More specifically, the technology relates to generating “jade bars” of a particular size, weight and shape to conform to a set of standards. These standards enable the bars to be monetized based on validation and appraisal. A buyer or seller will know the value of any particular bar based upon its identification, and thus they may be readily traded for credit or currency.
Jade, although being one of the most valuable gemstones, is not traded as a commodity. If it were a tradable commodity, it would increase the demand for it. The reason it is not a tradable commodity is because there is a lack of standards in place.
A method of monetizing jade is here provided:
1. Producing a standardized dimensioned volume of jade;
2. Determining a weight of the standardized dimensioned volume;
3. Determining a validity of the standardized dimensioned volume of
4. Accepting the standardized dimensioned volume of jade, if valid, to
5. Appraising the valid, standardized dimensioned volume of jade to
6. Ascribing a relative value to the valid, standardized dimensioned jade; provide a valid, standardized dimensioned volume of jade; provide a grade; volume of jade, ...thereby monetizing jade.
There is a need for a method to standardize jade and ascribe a monetary value to it. Ideally this would allow for both accurate monetization and allow for jade to become a tradable commodity. At the very least, it would ensure trackability of the product in its volatile world market at the level of the consumer.

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