Canadian Investor is a web based magazine reporting on publicly traded companies in sectors such as technology, medicine, transportation and telecommunications. The latest issue covered commercial real estate development, REIT’s, Limited Partnerships and ETF’s. Some subjects covered include real estate law, investment strategies and limited partnerships. Canadian Investor Magazine has no paid editorial content; each company featured is chosen based on the merit of its projects and management. The magazine brings a discerning look at investment opportunities in Canada. Editorial is uniquely written in a way that appeals to the Canadian financial community as well as the average intelligent investor who would be interested in investment opportunities. You’ll be pleased to know that there is no paid editorial contained in the publication. Each story is chosen based on the merit of the company, management and their business. When we write a story on a company, they are not obligated to buy advertising and vice-versa, when companies purchase advertising space, we are not obligated to write a story. On occasion you will see a company that has both a story and an advertisement within the same issue, this is purely because the company is supporting our efforts as an independent publisher and understand without the support of advertisers, we would not be in business.
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