The Real Estate Investment Network™ (REIN™) is a national organization in business since 1992. We are Canada’s leading organization in education, research and information essential to the success of real estate investors. REIN members share a combined history of more than $4 Billion in real estate purchases, more than 35,000 property transactions and supported the success of thousands of their fellow real estate investors. REIN guides its Members to understand how economic fundamentals affect real estate markets across Canada, and shows them how to use this information to their best advantage. REIN supports its Members who wish to build sustainable and profitable portfolios of real estate, using time-tested, proven buying and investing strategies via email, phone and forums depending on the level of Membership. REIN provides a ‘sounding board’ and critical, unprejudiced opinions. REIN provides its Members with balanced and impartial research and economic insights integrated with relevant and cutting edge analysis. We lay out the answers to the fundamental question of what the research means to real estate investors! Global, National, or Regional, REIN’s research brings the critical information together in a way that investors can use to make the right decisions on where, when, and why to invest in real estate. REIN is a powerful community and resource for Members to build the team they need to achieve their real estate investing goal. As part of our Faculty, REIN partners with individuals and businesses with specific expertise in areas of buying and investing in Canadian real estate, and who understand, support and share the values of the REIN philosophy. Faculty members include lawyers, accountants, realtors, mortgage brokers and many other real estate-focused professionals. REIN Premium Members attend regularly scheduled, in-person workshops featuring some of Canada and North America's top real estate experts, focused on research and market strategies in four Canadian cities (Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver). At these workshops, Members meet and mingle, exchange ideas and tactics, share critical information and trends and enjoy the company of like-minded entrepreneurs. REIN Online Members enjoy these workshops through recordings on a Member’s-only web portal. Members enjoy access to unique and proprietary educational materials not available anywhere else, while saving money with discounted member-only prices. Also, using the leverage of our national membership, we negotiate competitive pricing and unique programs to support our Members’ real estate investment needs, including but not limited to insurance, renovation supplies and health benefit providers. At every level, experienced and new investors alike, REIN is a National organization of people who share a vision of building long-term, sustainable wealth through real estate investing.
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