Arctic Star Exploration Corp.

Vancouver, BC Canada

Arctic Star has reignited its diamond exploration activities in the Lac de Gras diamond fields in the Northwest Territories (NWT), Canada. Arctic Star's "Redemption Project" has excellent diamond indicator mineral chemistry that correlate to several outstanding geophysical targets. The property's location is near two other world class diamond mines.

Arctic Star's rare earths project Earths in British Columbia, Canada is the CAP property. CAP lies on the same geological belt About 50 km NE of Prince George within an emerging Alkaline - Carbonatite Rare Earth Element district. It is located approximately 5 km SE of Spectrum Mining Corporation's Wicheeda Property, or about 15 to 30 km SE of the Wicheeda Carbonatite-Syenite Complex.

Arctic Star remains committed to creating shareholder wealth through discovery by experts.

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