The mission of The Sovereign Exchange is to mobilize and harness the purchasing power of silver and gold bullion by anchoring to it a gram-denominated payment facility called a Sovereign. A Sovereign is a digital representation of one gram of silver issued by The Sovereign Exchange Treasury and utilized by exchange members to record and reconcile value in the private Sovereign Exchange Marketplace.
The current estimated value of  silver and gold bullion sitting idle around the world today is over $8 Trillion US Dollars.  .
The Sovereign Exchange activates and administers accounts for its member clients and acts as a clearing-house for all of the trading activity, reflecting the account adjustments in with detailed reporting and monthly account statements.
The Sovereign Exchange was founded by Steven Merrill and a small network of individuals from across British Columbia with a vision to embrace Austrian economic principles and provide a sound and stable payment facility than be trusted for commerce and used to store wealth.

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