McLeod Williams Capital Corp. is a Vancouver, B.C. based firm that specializes in the structuring, financing and managing of public exploration mining companies.

With a focus on both base and precious metal discovery, McLeod Williams’ dynamic team of professionals are highly experienced in identifying geological opportunities and advancing these projects towards development.

The McLeod Williams group of companies have been involved in several high profile discoveries, most notably the White Gold Discovery by Underworld Resources Ltd. in 2008. Underworld Resources was subsequently aquired by Kinross Gold Corp. in 2010 for $140,000,000.

The McLeod Williams group of exploration mining companies include Full Metal Minerals (TSX-V:FMM), Full Metal Zinc (TSX-V:FZ), Entourage Metals (TSX-V:EMT), Revolution Resources (TSX:RV), White Bear Resources (TSX-V:WBR) and Valhalla Resources (TSX-V:VH).

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