Dollar Vigilante - Jeff Berwick


The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) is a financial newsletter covering all aspects of the ongoing collapse of the US dollar financial system from information and ideas on how to protect your current assets to expert analysis of investments, mainly in gold, silver, precious metals stocks, agriculture and energy.

TDV is written by two experts in the fields of finance, investment and expatriation, Jeff Berwick and Ed Bugos.  See "Who is TDV" for more information on their background.

TDV is about much more than just this current crisis.  It is about freedom and how to achieve it both personally and as people of this planet.  It is about individual responsibility, and the war waged against it by misguided progressives.  It is about justice, truth, health and happiness.

Here are areas that are regularly covered in TDV:

  • "The Big Picture" - A regular review and analysis of the latest happenings from the entire global financial and political sphere.
  • "Economic Analysis" - Coverage of important economic trends that will include the monthly money supply report in which our chief analyst (Ed Bugos) reviews changes in money and banking policies, from an Austrian economics viewpoint, emanating from the world’s major central banks
  • Investment and portfolio recommendations on how to keep the wealth you have and increase it in today’s confusing and fast moving times
  • Specific stock recommendations in gold and silver stocks as well as other areas which may perform well including agriculture and energy
  • "Expatriation of Ass & Assets" - News and information on how to expatriate both your physical self and your financial wealth.  From planting flags in a few different countries in which to place your gold and cash to ideas and insights into topics such as the best places to purchase a 2nd home, for incredibly cheap, in order to avoid some of the social uprising about to spread.  Other topics of interest include how and where to get a 2nd passport.
  • "Survival & Health News & Notes" - News, tips and information on such topics as self-sufficiency (eg. food storage, living off the grid), self-defense, health and other items we consider to be just as important as your financial and residential status – especially if you are going to be in the best shape possible to survive the coming storm
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